What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui studies the effect on your house and surroundings on how you feel.

Have you ever noticed, how one space feels good and the other not at all? Good Feng Shui cannot be seen, but it is felt when one enters some place. Surroundings, lay-out, usage of colours, shapes, materials… they have a huge impact on us, even if we are not always conciously aware of that. Everybody can see from their own experience, that the places we work and live in influence us tremendously. That is why one house, shop, office or restaurant feels good while others provoke rejection.


What can Feng Shui bring for you?

  • More happiness and success in your life.
  • More harmony in your family and your job.
  • It turns your house and the place where you work into a place of power, a place where you can get fully charged again, a place of inspiration.
  • It brings more flow into your life, just there where it has got stuck.
  • It gives you support and energy with everything you undertake.
  • You obtain more balance and rest, from which more can be created.


All you are planning on doing is more supported.

The rules of Feng Shui have already been used for more than 3000 years in the East to create a harmonious surrounding which leads to success and victory. Central in Feng Shui stands the creation of a supporting and enforcing surrounding, regarding home and work. The use of Feng Shui leads to a real feeling of harmony, albeit unconsciously perceived, and gives you more support and success in everything that you undertake

Did you know that in Hong Kong not a single factory is built without having counted on a Feng Shui Master beforehand?”


More balance, success and results

An inspiring, harmonious and healthy surrounding results in more harmony, balance, better health, more success and more financial flow. Nowadays, more and more people from Western societies discover Feng Shui as one of the essentials to influence positively both health and atmosphere in the home. The use of Feng Shui leads to a real feeling of harmony and balance, albeit unconsciously perceived, in your surroundings.

“Did you know that the advanced Feng Shui not only brings more harmony and balance, but that it can also help you to achieve your goals and being more successful?”


Both indoors and outdoors!

Most people, when they hear the word Feng Shui, think only of the designing and decorating of work and living places. It is lesser known that, according to the traditional and classic Feng Shui, the surroundings determine 70% of the luck indoors. The outside is thus more important than the inside!

With the outside we do not mean here the colour of the facade, but the presence, or absence, of neighbouring buildings, pylons, cell towers or other forms of Sha Chi, the presence of water (a pond, a lake, a canal, rivers, a swimmingpool), the way in which the streets run towards your house, the shape of the latter, the energy flow towards it, its orientation, et cetera… While a Feng Shui consultation is carried out, the surroundings are analysed and ameliorated where possible. Only afterwards do we start analyzing the inside.


“Did you know that in Malaysia a 10.000 euro fee can easily be paid for a Feng Shui consultation?




Listen to the interview on Radio 2 on ‘De Madammen’ about Feng Shui (broadcast in Dutch on 11 september 2014)

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What is Feng Shui?

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