Good Feng Shui is not seen, but felt when you enter a place!

As everyone acknowledges from their own experience, we are greatly influenced by our surroundings (home and job). That is why one house, shop, office or restaurant feels good while the other provokes rejection. Very often, this (lack of) harmony can be experienced, without being able to explain why. Your surroundings can either feed or empty you.

Just imagine the following: at your left there is a group of pessimists, at your right a group of optimists.

With whom would you rather engage in a discussion if you had to choose?

That’s right

The energy with which you surround yourself determines how you feel. That in turn influences the way how you deal with yourself, your life and your ambitions. Where energy doesn’t flow or is negative, stagnation is experienced. People get drained by pessimists and that’s what happens with houses, shops, factories and offices too: either they enrichens you or it’s just the other way around. Feng shui gives energy.
 It brings about balance, by designing the surrounding spaces properly.

Have you ever visited someone, where you started to feel exhausted after a while? On the other hand, a space that is energetically balanced, gives off a pleasant vibe. Such a space gives energy!


Feng Shui influences your physical and overall well-being

Feng Shui is as it were the acupuncture of the house: the detecting and removing of energy blockage and the enhancing of the energy-flow (Qi). Our surrounding’s energy (home, job) influences the energy of the inhabitants. Feng Shui makes it possible to harmonize that energy in such a way that the well-being of its inhabitants is improved.


Feng Shui supports you in whatever you do


People often regard harmony, health and happiness in their personal life as the most important things. When these are not as optimum as they should or could be or when it comes, for instance, to difficulties in your career, relationship, family, income, sleep or health problems, or when you feel a lack of support in what you do, you can be helped through Feng Shui.


Your home is the mirror of who you are


People choose (unconsciously) a certain house for a certain reason. Every house has a certain theme, a certain lesson in life that it wants to share with its inhabitants before you can step further in your life. Feng Shui can support your intention to change certain parts pertaining to your life.

“Your house is your bigger body…It grows in the sun, sleeps in the still of night and is not without dreams….
You will not fold your wings together to get through a door, neither will you bow your head so as to not to bang it against the ceiling, nor hold your breath out of fear that the walls could be torn down.”

From: ‘The Prophet’ – Kahlil Gibran

What is Feng Shui?

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How does it work?

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