What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui promotes prosperity, harmony, vitality, life-fulfillment and positive changes in our lives by harnessing the natural forces of our living environment.

For many centuries, people use the forces of nature known as ‘Chi’ to enhance their career, relationships, health, and business success.

Feng Shui allows us to be in tune with our environment rather than against it. By doing so, we can perform better, see and seize opportunities as they arise, and function optimally in all aspects of our lives.


Both interior,… and exterior!

Most people think Feng Shui is an art of decorating and interior design. But did you know that in classical Feng Shui the environment already determines 70% of the quality of your life and business?

The appearance, shapes and orientation of other buildings, roads, water, mountains and contours of the land, the orientation, the shape of the building, the energy flow towards it and the time influence the lives of those living and working in the vicinity.


“Did you know that the advanced Feng Shui not only brings more harmony and balance, but that it also can help you to achieve your goals and more success?”

“Did you know that in Hong Kong not a single factory will be built without a Feng Shui Master?”

In the East where Feng Shui is practiced with high standards, Feng Shui Masters are engaged by large corporate companies as consultants, to help them with building designs, town planning and house designs, to ensure good outcomes and the smooth sailing of their businesses, before making major decisions such as signing major contracts, selecting the timing of a product or event launch, moving into new premises and hiring new staff.

What can Feng Shui do for you?

  • Create positive opportunities in life.
  • Increase sales in business.
  • Improve private and professional relationships.
  • Helps you choosing or building a new, happy home or business.
  • Improve support and energy in everything you do.
  • Improve your energy level, health and well-being.
  • Improve your quality of life.


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  • Magic.
  • A religion or a belief.
  • Something that solves all your problems.
  • A remedy or a cure for diseases.
  • A way to get filthy rich quickly.