Feng Shui advice for building a new house

Are you planning on building a house?  And would you like to take Feng Shui into account while designing it?


When you’re planning on building we can help you with the picking out of a building plot and give advice on the design of your dreamhouse. The earlier you get Feng Shui advice through this process, the better. So do ask for Feng Shui advice before you get in touch with an architect!


What kind of advice can you expect from us?

You get:

  • The ideal set-up of your house: who better sleeps where, where your home-office is ideally located, the bathroom, the kitchen,et cetera…
  • The ideal lay-out of the rooms.
  • The best ways to place your bed and office according to each person.
  • Feng Shui guidances for designing the kitchen.
  • Good door and windows orientations.
  • What colours and materials are best employed according to the space.
  • How to create a supporting surrounding.
  • Where it is best to place either a swimming pool or a swimming pond.
  • Tips for designing better the spaces.
  • A date on which to start the building works.
  • Feng Shui tips for keeping good Feng Shui once you live in your new home.

Both you and your (interior)architect can start drawing the groundplans with these guidances.

So it is better to get Feng Shui advice before the (interior)architect starts drawing the groundplans!


We do not draw any plans. This is the (interior) architect’s expertise. We can however work closely together with your (interior) architect.


Would you like to get a Feng Shui consult for your house that is yet to be built?

Send us the required information and we would happily send you a quotation.





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