Case study Philip Coucke

Feng Shui consultation at Philip Coucke’s: How Feng Shui has brought more opportunities and the right people.

Philip and Katelijn wanted a Feng Shui consultation with the goal to get more “flow” in their lives. Philip couldn’t see what he could to regarding the future. He had the feeling that he did all that was within his might, but that something blocked his way to it. He didn’t know what that was…

When I got there one of the problems became immediately clear at Feng Shui level: there was no Chi-flow towards the main entrance. That is why opportunities can not come by themselves. A good Chi-flow is the basis to have good Feng Shui.When the Chi-flow towards the main entrance is lacking, little can be achieved through Feng Shui inside the house. Improving the Chi-flow was the first thing to do.

The Feng Shui analysis showed furthermore that new undertakings were harder to pull off than usual;especially in Philip’s case. He had to work too hard to get results and did not get the necessary boost.

Next to the main entrance there was also an element of water. Water is used a lot in Feng Shui. However, the right place of this element is crucial! Water in the right place creates more flow in your life. Water in the wrong place does just the opposite. Sadly enough theirs stood in the wrong place. What had a negative effect; here too especially for Philip. Finding a new place for the water element was hence a must.

The shape of the house showed that meeting the right people to help Philip further in his life was not easy-coming either. Some adjustments had to be made to attract more opportunities regarding the future, to support him, and to attract the right people that who could help him further. There was work to be done!

A small adjustment in the frontyard improved the Chi-flow towards the main entrance. The water element was given a new place in the backyard according to exact measurements made with the Luo Pan (Chinese compass). His painting room moved into another space in his house so as to get his hobby more supported. His office got another place and also his wife’s went to another room. They were given a list with activation data and Feng Shui advice to help attract more people that would help them further along the path.

This is the feedback we got back from Philip on the consultation:

“Dear An, 

Herewith I would like to express you my gratitude again for the “instant effect” that you have brought about here at ours. Shortly after your visit and having put into practice your advice, my hobby, i.e. Painting, got suddenly into a full-spate current.

I had already painted for years a little, but after your being here I got in a very spontaneous and intuitive way from one workshop in the other, the right people appeared on my path, I started dreaming at night of colours, shapes, drawings, and others.

Everything suddenly started to flow, oh man, and also oh yes, because for the first time in my life I am exposing my work in November together with 20 other artists at the Broeltorens site. I would have never been able to even imagine something like this! This normally also gets broadcast on WTV and other media.

In a nutshell, a very pleasant development in my life that has enrichened and stimulated the latter. My sincere gratitude for this positive push in life!

Philip Coucke, self-employed translator and artist from Marke.”  Facebook: Phil’s Painting Corner.

I still believe it is marvellous to see how positive changes come in when my clients use the Feng Shui advice exactly as was given to them. It is not possible to foresee what changes there will take place. But what I do see is that those changes are always positive and more in accordance with the person’s lifepath. They get closer to their Tao.

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