Feng Shui consultation of an existing house – Case study

A Feng Shui consultation at Brigitte Volders’


After Brigitte had gotten positive results thanks to Feng Shui when she sold her house (which was sold for one third more than the expected amount of money!!), she asked for Feng Shui advice for designing her new flat. How could it en best designed taking into account? What was the best use for each room? Who should sleep where? What colours could she use, et cetera?. Moreover, more balance ans rest was needed in her life too.

While I was consulting her place I saw a big pylon. In Feng Shui terms these are called Sha Chi. Sha Chi are elements in the surroundings that can disturb the Chi-flo, sucha as a sharp corner of another hose that is directed towards you, a lamppost straight in front of tour main entrance, a cell tower, pylons, an electricity pole, et cetera. These disturb the Chi-flow and can aggravate problems regarding finances, relationships and health. This depends on the wind direction in which the Sha Chi stands and the people in the house.

When measuring with the Luo Pan (Chinese compass) I saw that this pylon could provoke pain in the back in the eldest son and also stomach and headache problems in the youngest one. Brigitte confirmed that since she had bought this flat, her eldest son had had troubles with this back, which had never been the case before. The same for her grandson’s health. And as is known, the outside of a house determines for a 70% the Feng Shui in the house!


Brigitte got a list with things-to-do:

  • Neutralizing the Sha Chi outside;
  • Letting her eldest son sleep in another bedroom which supports his health better;
  • Brigitte should sleep in another room where she could get stronger regarding her position in the family of four;
  • Her grandson got another bedroom too;
  • A new lay-out for the living space (the way the furniture was placed blocked the Chi-flow):
  • Colour advice for every room, and more.


Brigitte used all the Feng Shui advice meticiulously (except for some painting jobs that still have to take place but that were not regarded as a priority).

 Three months after the consultation I got this mail from Brigitte:
“Dear An,

Thanks again for the marvellous consultation. We have clearly seen improvements. My son Diederick has had no back aches anymore and my grandson hasn’t had health issue either since we adjusted our home according to your advice.

Upstairs and in the stairwell we have finished the painting job, except for the green room, which has to be given a white colour still. The lay-out of the sitcorner hasbeen changed too and, as you had said, some emotions have bubbled up. Really amazing.

Soon we are going to paint the toilet and the living room. Our fish stand in the East now, after a couple of weeks in the North, exactly as you suggested they should. The terrace has not been spared either. Ever since, and also because I sleep in the suggested room, I feel that I can take better and quicker decisions.

At first, my son Frederick was not willing at all to give his old bedroom away. Hie stood very sceptic regarding Feng Shui. But when he was away for a week I did moved his things to the new one and the result is that he now wants to stay there. He feels already a lot better.

This consultation is simply a must. I have shared this amazing experience already with some people and will surely keep on doing so.

Thanks a lot for the cd’s and everything else …

Kind regards,
Brigitte Volders – Lummen“

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