Date selection



  • Have you already wondered why one day you are so productive, where everything goes smoothly and why other days are more difficult?
  • How would it be if you knew these good days in advance? And if you could adjust your activities accordingly? What would that mean for you?
  • Are you wondering which days are positive for you? And on which days you do not want to hold any important activities or meetings?

Then the online workshop personal date selection is a must!


What is date selection?

Date selection was used by emperors more than 5000 years ago to make important decisions. The farmers also selected the best dates to sow and harvest the fields, and traders used this knowledge when doing business to be more successful. Nowadays, many companies – including Apple – are using positive days to launch their new products.

By using the energy of the days more consciously and adjusting your planning accordingly, you achieve better results with less effort. And exactly this is the power of date selection!


What you can learn from date selection:

  • Selecting your good personal days and top days and the less favorable days (taking into account your birth data).
  • To select general positive days and hours, for example to start a new job, to clean up, to start a diet, to travel, for spiritual activities, to negotiate, to ask for promotion, to send out invoices, to sign important contracts, cash-related items, workshops, medical interventions or other important activities.
  • Which days you better avoid for these activities.
  • On which days you better take it easy, or avoid long car trips, etc.
  • On which days you should not travel.
  • Which days are generally less good, except for you?
  • Why is a Month Breaker Day not always bad for everyone? Sometimes an MBD is just right for you.
  • What are the benefits of a Breaker day?
  • Which clash days have no impact on you?


Key words:

Key words:

  • Year, Month and Day Breaker days
  • Personal Breaker days
  • Yearly Three Killings Days (Robbery Sha Days, Calamity Sha Days, Annual Sha Days)
  • Monthly Three Killings Days
  • No Wealth Days
  • Four Separating Days
  • Four Extinct Days
  • The 12 Officers advanced.
  • Dong Gong Rating
  • Prosperous star
  • Ten Spiritual Days