Feng Shui advice for your house & Home Office

  • Do you work from home as an entrepreneur or as a home worker?
  • Do you feel that you have to make a lot of effort to achieve results?
  •  Do you have difficulty with focus and concentration during working from home?
  •  Are you more productive when you work outside?
  •  Do you keep moving the furniture around but do not you find ‘it’?When you work from home, it is essential that you feel at home, that you can recharge, that you can work focused and concentrated to achieve your desired goals and that you have a stimulating workplace.

Did you know that your surroundings influence your business output by 20 to 30%?

A well designed live and work place is essential when you:

  • want to work focused and concentrated.
  • want the efforts you make to deliver the desired results.
  • want to recharge easily and relax at home.
  • want to sleep well.
  • want to be backed up and supported in everything you undertake.

What benefits could this bring to you?

‘The Feng Shui is an ideal extension for my energetic beauty institute. I am also sensitive and intuitive and I felt that a few things were not right at home. Although I have worked a lot on myself, at times I found little rest and many obstacles. In order to achieve something, I had to make a lot of effort, both on my own and in my business.

In 2016, An did a full Feng Shui consultation at my place. It felt good and saw myself in it. Striking what the house wants to teach me. That’s right!!
I started with the changes in and around my house and I immediately felt changes, both on the private and on the work floor.
The missing piece in my house was built. Since then I feel more calm, I work out my ideas and they finally get shape. Where I used to have many ideas, but I did not dare to address them.
I am very satisfied with the consultation. My vision is: invest in yourself, that’s where it starts. This is my vision that I would like to share.
So do not doubt, An is highly recommended. She explains it very nicely and works from her heart and soul. Thank you An ‘.

Katrien Deberdt – www.huisanahata.be

What are the advantages?

  • You come at rest and relax at home. From here you feel better what the next step is to grow in your business.
  • You feel more at home.
  • You sleep better, which leads to more productivity during the day.
  • You get more inspiration and ideas.
  • You attract faster the right people who can help you further (and clients too).
  • You are more supported in all you undertake.
  • Your batteries get charged up faster en you are more energetic.

‘What is striking is that my turnover has risen compared to last year.
That’s a good start and since June I even have a waiting list for the workshops.
Katia – Eeklo’.

When is a Home Office consultation ideal for you?

  • If you work from home and want to organize your workspace optimally in order to work more efficiently and productively.
  • You are highly sensitive and therefore extra sensitive to spaces.
  • When you do not feel well in your home office and you do not know why.
  • If you keep adjusting your workspace and changing it, and you do not find at ease there.
  • When you feel that you have to make a lot of effort to achieve results and you want to change this.
  • If you feel less comfortable in your home and home office since you moved, so you can not work as well as you used to.
  • If your business is declining since you moved in.
  • If you want more flow in your life and business.
  • If you want an inspiring workplace.
  • If you want to use the power places in your house more consciously to grow on a business and private level.


‘The consultation was above my expectations. Especially because it was explained so clearly and specifically. Also nice that my partner was more motivated by the conversation with An. I am impressed by An’s expertise, professionalism, patience and knowledge. I experience the positive influence of the adjustments in our house.’ Linda, coach – Hoegaarden.

What can be expected?

I come to your home and analyze your work and home from Feng Shui point of view.
After the consultation you know:

  • How to bring more flow into your life and business.
  • Which spaces in your home are most suitable for working, brainstorming, working out ideas, studying, sleeping and relaxing. The advice is tailored to your specific job content.
  • How to turn your home office into a stimulating and inspiring workplace.
  • How best to decorate your bedroom to sleep better.
  • How you create more balance, peace and harmony in your home.
  • Insight into why your house now suits you.
  • In which areas your house supports you.
  • What are the points of attention in your home.
  • Which colors you can use per room according to the palettes of the Five Elements.
  • You can organize your workplace for more support in marketing activities, developing ideas, important conversations, administration, etc.


‘The adjustments have all been carried out. I already notice the difference: I am much more productive when it comes to my work when I sit at the dining table. Super feeling … Thanks again.’
Delphine G. – Gent’.

By who?

By An Sterken.



Thank you for your mail and the follow-up; Everything here is going very “smoothly” at the moment. In the case it is very busy, … I will have a look at the dates of your workshops and subscribe, convinced of the usefulness of Feng Shui and Bazi! Ingrid – Eeklo.


  • Would you like to be more active in everything you undertake?
  • Do you also want an inspiring workplace?
  • Do you want to use your home and home office more consciously as support to achieve your goals?

Then schedule your appointment for a Feng Shui @ Home consultation.
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Your investment?

Your investment for a personal Feng Shui consultation for your home and home office depends on the size of your home.

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For some Flemish entrepreneurs, part of this investment is payable back with the SME-Portfolio. Click here to check if your company is eligible for this. Recognition number  An Sterken: DV.A220518.