Business Feng Shui

There are several aspects which determine the positive outcome of entrepreneurship, such as being driven, experience, capacities, motivation, the will to work, resilience, et cetera…

However, your own personal profile or blueprint, timing, choice of the location, surroundings and the lay-out of the buildings are other aspects which influence our success as well.

Since the dawn of mankind, the East has taken advantage of the rules of BaZi (profile analysis), Feng Shui, dateselection and Qi Men Dun Jia to determine or create business strategies, focus points and workplaces that lead to more flow, success and satisfaction.


  • Did you know that a well-designed workplace improves concentration, well-being at work and overall output?
  • Have you also noticed how some commercial ground floors always lead to bankruptcy? And have you ever thought about the reason that might lie behind this?
  • Why is it that some entrepreneurs are so successful, even in times of crisis?
  • Did you know that Feng Shui is not only interesting to inhabitants, but also to investors and project developers?


Would you like to get advice for your company ore the one you are working for? Then take a look here below to see how we can help you.

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