What is BaZi?

  • BaZi is an Eastern method of profile analysis which gives you a better insight into yourself, your natural talents, your strengths and weaknesses and how to take advantage of them optimally, so as to invite personal successes into your life.
  • Everyone evolves, as some years provide success and happiness and everything goes smoothly. On the other hand, others seem to block out all of that. With BaZi (or Chinese astrology) you can find out in which fase of your life you are in, together with its growthpotential and challenges.
  • BaZi gives insight and solutions which will help you grow.
  • Once you know WHO you are and WHAT you can do, you can undertake specific ACTIONS which will support you towards a more successful and happier life!


Besides the designing of a supporting environment, Ba Zi is thus the perfect addition and ‘the missing link’ to Feng Shui! 

Your luck is determined by three factors:



  1. 1.Who are you?
    What do you do?
    3. Where do you live/work?

Each factor has an equal impact (33%).

  1. . Who are you?

A third of your luck is determined by your character, your talents, who you are and where you were born. These factors cannot be chosen, but are given to you by birth. This is about your fate. BaZi-profile analysis is a very suitable instrument to see what your destiny in life is, who you are, what your natural talents and possibilities are, where your chances and opportunities lie and why/ when some things happen in your life. This information can give you advice and insight about how you can improve your quality of living. 


  1. What do you do?

Your willpower, your actions, your efforts, positive or negative thinking, your motivation, what you do with your life, also determine a third of your happiness. You have this part yourself. What do you do with your talents? What do you do with the chances you get? Do you grab them? Or do you let them pass you by? Do you get the maximum out of your life?


  1. Where do you live? Where do you work?

Do you come to rest at home? Do you sleep well? Do you feel at home and at work? Can you charge your batteries? Or do you walk on the tips of your toes when you are at home or at work? The place where you live and work, determine for a third your happiness and how you feel. This is the area of feng shui. Not negligible! Where you live and work, you also have in your own hands. By making changes in your environment, the balance and flow in your life increases by 33%.

  • A way to predict your future.
  • Fortune telling
  • A replacement for professional financial, medical or legal advice. In case you have medical, financial or legal issues, consult a doctor, financial advisor or a lawyer to help you further.
  • A certainty: BaZi is a way to discover your potential and possibilities to get more satisfaction from your life. You are of course responsible yourself to you make the necessary efforts yourself if you wish to achieve your potential and goals.

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