• Turn your home into an energy source

    • Do you often feel so empty and tired after a busy day, but recharging your batteries at home has become difficult?
    • Is it difficult to feel at ease at home?
    • Do you feel something’s wrong at home but you don’t know what?
    • Do you feel that you have to work too hard to get somewhere?

    Did you know that how you feel at home is influenced by your house with one third?

    Your house can feed you, but it can also empty you. Have you ever visited someone feeling completely empty after a while? Or do you recognize this at home too? Are there some rooms you would rather avoid or that feel unpleasant? These are the signals that your house is energetically unbalanced. A hous that is balanced, on the other hand, gives off a nice and pleasant vibe. Such a house gives energy!

    • Would you like to turn your house into a source of energy?
    • Would you like to feel more at ease?
    • Would you like to achieve more, working less?
    • Would you like to feel more supported in all you undertake?
    • Or would you rather learn more about Feng Shui?

    Then sign up now for the basics-workshop ‘Turn your house into a source of energy’ and pick up a wealth of practical tips for turning your house into a source of energy. The tips given during the workshop can be used for any existing house.

    All signing up goes through OTCG and this link http://www.otcg.be/nl/feng-shui-basisworkshop.


    What will you learn during this basics-workshop?

    • Why saving up money has become harder. And how to ameliorate this.
    • What there is to be done to get more support in all you do and undertake.
    • How to bring more peace and balance into your house through a unique sequence of steps.
    • Handy tips for solving ‘wrong’ situations.
    • You’ll work with your own home’s groundplan.

    Ps: the tips you’ll get during this workshop are ideal for optimising you existing house or finding a new one. These tips do not suffice to base the plans of a house that is to be built on.


    Feedback from students:

    • It becomes so clear why certain things work out and why others don’t.
    • Thanks to being able to bring your own groundplan, the information given becomes really useful and hands-on.
    • I have truly enjoyed this very funny, inspiring, but above all, very confronting workshop!
    • Hi An, First of all, I would like to let you know that I have enjoyed greatly your basics-workshop Feng Shui. You serve up the really applicable theory so easily and in such a self-confident way, accompanied with a thorough knowledge of things. Not one single question from your students is too much for you – you want to support everyone in their expectations, for which my thanks! You inspire me and you give me the energy and the curiousness necessary to dig further into the field of Feng Shui! Thanks for wanting to share al of this with us! I am already greedily looking forward to future workshops by your hand!
    • Herewith I would like to thank you again! The workshop was very enchanting. It’s amazing to see how you gave every question the necessary attention with so much energy and enthousiasm. I am already looking forward to the next workshop to get a taste onve more of this amazing philosophy. Meanwhile we are enjoying the positive energy and the changes.
    • Hello An, I have been cleaning up my place, a half an hour each day. And that certainly does feel very good. I found the workshop the best. I will certainly attend more of your workshops. Nancy S. – Vosselaer
    • Hello An, first of all, I have learned an enormous deal. It was intense when it came to knowledge and mega-intense when it came to the attendant’s questions. It is clear that whoever calls theirselves a specialist in Feng-Shui after a two-day workshop is totally insane!!! I have the feeling that you are next to mastery .. I was also under the impression that you, as a woman and a European, have left Asia’s masters impressed. One of most cherished authors is Amelie Nothomb, who describes in her book ‘Stupeurs et tremblements’ the life of a white woman who, as the only European in China, works in a Chinese firm …’the horror’… And that is why I congratulate you because of having been able to get the Feng-Shui masters respect you, even though you are a ‘woman’ and a ‘European’! Lots of love, Nadine.
    • It has been very enrichening. Many thanks for the clear explanations and…the courage to start with such a difficult topics – Kathleen.
    • Your workshop was extraordinarily impressive and professional! I would like some more.
    • Thanks for handling in such a clear manner this complex matter!
    • The very profound knowledge has been passed through in a very understandable way, wherefore my appreciation.
    • Very practical thans to the many real-life examples. A very relaxed vibe and very interactive.
    • A very professional person who knows how to be honest and to explain complex things in an easy-to-grasp manner.
    • Practical applications of the theory. Each one of us gets the opportunity to ask for advice that can be applied to their home.
    • Given in a very eye-opening way.
    • Hi An, I have just come home from your class in Antwerp. This has been really outstanding, truly, so fulfilling but nonetheless not “floating”. I do want more, indeed. I was wondering if there would be a seat for me in the workshop for the “Year Feng Shui” in December. Anyhow, many thanks for this amazing introduction-day!! Greetings, Gerda.
    • I have since I followed your workshop more energy thanks to the small changes I have made in my flat, especially the elimination of Sha Chi. Best regards, Christine.

    21 January 2017.

    Kdg Hogeschool, campus Markgrave, Van Schoonbekestraat 143, 2018 Antwerpen

    For more information and signing-up: http://www.otcg.be/nl/feng-shui-basisworkshop
     What to bring?

    • A groundplan of your current house, on scale and indicating the North, on an A4-format (without the groundplan of your house will it be very hard to follow the class!). (PS: A full plan for a new house or renovations will not be worked out during this beginnersworkshop).
    • A groundplan on a A4-format (thus with the plot on) if you own one.
      (Have you got a big-size architect’s plan? In a sepcialised copycentre where plans can be printed out, your big plan can be scanned in and printed out on a A4-format).
    • Your personal Gua-number (click here to get it calculated).
    • Geotriangle
    • A ruler
    • Pen, pencil…