Online workshop Life-coaching – karakteranalyse (BaZi – 4 Pillars) – Module 1.

  • Would you like to know yourself a little better?
  • Are you eager to find out where your natural talents lie?
  • Which part of you can be enhanced?
  • Would you like to know why you get better on with one person than another?

Then come and join the workshop on character analysis – or BaZi.


What is BaZi?

  • BaZi is an Eastern method of profile analysis which gives you a better insight into yourself, your natural talents, your strengths and weaknesses and how to take advantage of them optimally, so as to invite personal successes into your life.
  • Everyone evolves, as some years provide success and happiness and everything goes smoothly. On the other hand, others seem to block out all of that. With BaZi (or Chinese astrology) you can find out in which fase of your life you are in, together with its growthpotential and challenges.
  • BaZi gives insight and solutions which will help you grow.
  • Once you know WHO you are and WHAT you can do, you can undertake specific ACTIONS which will support you towards a more successful and happier life!

Besides the designing of a supporting environment, Ba Zi is thus the perfect addition and ‘the missing link’ to Feng Shui!


What will you learn from it?

During this two-day basics-workshop we will learn how to analyse your character in an easy way:

  • To which of the 10 character-structures do you pertain?
  • How can you spot the same old mistakes you always make, and, hence, stop making them?
  • Why do you always crash against the same wall?
  • How come some matters go smoothly and others never go as you would want to? What can you do about it?
  • From whom can you get support and help in your life?
  • What are your natural talents?
  • Which themes are important now to your life?
  • How come you get better one with one person than with another?
  • Why are you so sensitive? Or why not at all?
  • Casestudies

The knowledge you do up can be taken with you for the rest of your life.


Reactions from others:

  • I am impressed by the precision and multitude of information that can be drawn from an analysis.
  • Once more, many thanks for this sublime course. What we get served up is astonishing. One “of course” after the other!
  • Interesting, enthralling, enrichening, confronting. It offers a different and more profound perspective on several matters.
  • The “know-who-you-are” side gets impressively enhanced. A very intruiging matter.
  • Get insight in situations, people, life.
  • Very enrichening and a real eye-opener! A must if you want to understand your life (and past) better and to learn from it looking towards the future.
  • Super enthralling, hands-on, immediately ‘useful‘, you get to know yourself and your surrounding relationships.
  • You see why certain things have happened and you get to know yourself better.
  • Knowledge about yourself and on what gives you rest during emotionally disturbing periods.
  • Amazing to see how so much information can be drawn from a BaZi-card.
  • It is a knowledge that enriches life, regarding yourself and others. I wish I had found out about it when I was young…
  • And yet another astonishing and breath-taking workshop, An! My gratitude goes to your comprehensible course and explanations, your patience, your humor, your loving attention for all of us, the cozy and open ambience… You have taught us a lot (now’s the time to study and practice…): many thanks for everything!
  • To me, the most interesting topic of all was how to interpret, and relate to, real life. And that this consequently gives one the opportunity to learn from the past and to use a certain experience in the future.
  • Many thanks for your energy and positive and wisdom-rich vibes you have brought over this weekend!
  • Now I know why some plans do not succeed while others do. All falls now into its proper place!
  • This information is really useful. The bits and pieces of the puzzle come together while the workshop advances. You discover a great deal about yourself, your relationships that never seem to work, your career that is not evolving as you would like to, and so much more.
  • If you are open to getting to know yourself better and to discover yourself again, then this course is a must, an eye-opener!



The workshop is already finished. However, if you want to be kept updated on the upcoming workshop, then please fill in the form!