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By who?

An Sterken helps you to optimise both your live-and-work place so as to create more happiness, flow and success in your life.

To this end she employs the knowledge and techniques of Feng Shui, Life-coaching (BaZi–profile analysis, Qi Men Dun Jia) and date selection.

She has gathered this knowledge in the countries of origin at the highest level: Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, China, India, UK and USA. Hence, she is regarded as one of this field’s best-trained experts in Europe.

In 2004 her studies took off, reason why she said goodbye to a businesscompanies-based life in 2006 and from where she started up her own consultancy firm with the aim of creating healthy, harmonious and attractive spaces that support people in the achievement of their goals while offering them more success and happiness.

Besides private people, she helps entrepreneurs too so as to heighten their success with a 20 to 30%, without the need of extra work. A few small touch-ups to their office, shop, factory, restaurant or hotel already make the difference.

Her practical, down-to-earth and modern know-how distills itself into buildings that ooze energy. People feel better and more optimistic in that way and, hence, more successful too.

An has analysed already more than 1000 buildings. It is this expertise that she is willing to share with you. A unique training and a unique chance!