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I have received many questions of mothers on how to decorate/design their kid’s bedroom with Feng Shui.

So, here are five tips:

  1. Make sure the headboard of the bed or the side of the bed is against a wall. This will give your little one a feeling of safety and care.
  2. Do not place the bed right under a window, a beam or in direct line with the door.
  3. Place the bed with the head towards one of his/her personal favourable directions. You can discover the personal directions here. Choose one of the four personal favourable directions. But always bear in mind tip 1 and 2!
  4. You can use brighter colours in a kid’s bedroom. Bright colours stimulate the creativity and development of your child. However, be careful. If your child is already very active, Yin (calmer) colours should be used.
  5. Keep the room decluttered. Ok, I know: this is a challenge in a kids’ room! But a decluttered bedroom is worth it. It gives your kid more peace of mind and provides better sleep – and also for you!


Good night!


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