Doing nothing under the sun, treating yourself well culinary-wise, sniffing up other cultures, going for a nap whenever you are up for it, a refreshing plunge in the sea or the swimmingpool, finally being able to read that book you had been looking forward to read… Mmm, delicious these holidays! You get relaxed and you charge your batteries up again. With a new-born feeling, full of energy, ideas an new plans you head back home. You want to dive into it all again. Now… how do you keep this feeling with you for as long as possible after your holiday?
Tip 1: Clean up your home before you are off.

Nothing is worse than coming home to a messy place. Coming home to a neat house is a lot more pleasant. That is why you should tidy up your house before you leave. Make sure that every room looks neat, that the beds are made, wash and iron all laundry, empty the bins and finish off urgent fixing jobs. A tidied up house gives you a relaxed feeling both when you are leaving and when you come back.

Tip 2: take two extra days off!

Very often you feel the need when you come home, to clean up your place and to throw things away. When you come home you feel that you want to change your place, to make it lighter. Your home is your bigger body and very often does not fit your new “I” anymore. That is why the pressing need to deal with your bigger body. So do make is suitable again for your new I by cleaning up and throwing away what you no longer need (giving away or selling can obviously be done too). That is how you keep that holiday feeling longer. You don’t do it? Then the odds are that that good feeling dissapears after a few days…

Did you know that the first days after your holiday are the best to clean up and throw away?
Plan in your agenda two extra days. Is your holiday already fixed and no extra days can be taken when you are back?Then at least plan a few cleaning-up hours per day throughout the week you are back from holiday. In this way you can still adjust your home to your new feeling.

Not going on holiday this summer? Then plan some cleaning-up time in your agenda too. Even if it is just a half an hour a day, do something. Clean for example one drawer, one closet or one box up per day.A quarter of an hour each day does miracles.Look how you feel after a week of tidying up. Want to bet you feel as if you had been on holiday?  

Do not forget to drink a lot of water during and after the cleaning up. Cleaning up is not only a detox cure for your place, but also for your body. Drinking a lot helps to carry off the waist out of your body and prevents headaches.

When cleaning up you can feel exhausted. Emotionally you let go on a lot (and a lot more than you think!). So get enough rest after the cleaning and treat yourself with a wonderfully warm bath. Add a handful of seasalt and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Enjoy now! You have deserved it!

Enjoy the cleaning up and your holiday!


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