Tears and consultation – three tips to bear in mind when looking for a house

(18 September 2015) Last week I was still in London for a fantastic Qi Men Dun Jia training for Feng Shui and strategical implementation. With this technique I can from a distance – thus

Case study Philip Coucke

A Feng Shui consultation at Philip Coucke's: How Feng Shui has brought more opportunities and the right people. Philip and Katelijn wanted a Feng Shui consultation with the goal to get more "flow" in their lives.

Case study @Brigitte’s

Feng Shui consultation of an existing house - Case study   A Feng Shui consultation at Brigitte Volder's house   After Brigitte had gotten positive results using Feng Shui to sell her house (her house was sold

About goldbars, frogs and vases

I still get the creeps from this.... A short while ago, I overheard someone saying that horseshoes must be hung up in the West and a small pot filled with money nex to the house's entrance

Feng Shui tips before you go on holiday

Doing nothing under the sun, treating yourself well culinary-wise, sniffing up other cultures, going for a nap whenever you are up for it, a refreshing plunge in the sea or the swimmingpool, finally being able to

Water in Feng Shui: what, where and how

(foto bloodymunchkin.blogspot.be ©) (5 Februari 2015) Feng Shui literally means wind and water. Chi - or energy – floats on the wind (feng) and comes to rest where there is water (shui). Water stands for wisdom, communication,

Chinese New Year with a European touch

(17 February 2015) Dragon parties, grand fireworks, abundant meals, soon the time has come: the Chinese celebrate their Chinese New Year. This party is also known as the 'Spring Festival', the start of a new

Five tips for decorating the kids bedroom

Foto: Colora© I have received many questions of mothers on how to decorate/design their kid's bedroom with Feng Shui. So, here are five tips: Make sure the headboard of the bed or the side of the

Is the ‘Eight Areas of Life’ method – also called Bagua – classic Feng Shui?

The Bagua method is the method whereby the eight wind directions are linked to certain standard qualities. For example, the North would be the career direction, the Southwest the relationship direction, the Southeast would stand